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Originally Posted by peterman View Post
I mean,, I'll wait,
til it's,
,not raining,,
had a big ol' long thing wrote up,,re-read it,,sounded stupid, so I deleted it.
had to do with the value of meeting YFF's vs, the rain, expenditure, risk to life and liberty,,and the rain showed up the same time ol' Art & the beer did,,so,,see ya next time,

,what was the special?

beer and barbeque in the bilding is easier than riding to the 'Y' and putting up with surly waitstaff.
Missed ya but figured the rain chased ya back indoors. The specials were Pork Chops (2) with loaded smashed taters, Veggies and garlic toast. The other choice was a sizeable Chicken Pot Pie. There ended up being 12 of us to torment the waitstaff. She was in good form and took good care of us.
Does this look Swollen?
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