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Originally Posted by nachtflug View Post
this is the big leagues. the white tee's. this is for all the marbles. it needs structure and it needs to be governed to get the best possible product. If millsaps loses by a whisker because someone from the minor leagues has tilted the pinball machine it won't be good for the entire sport.

the AMA has made the 250 series the minor leagues by structuring it the way they have I am not knocking the 250 riders. but you have to protect the integrity of the sport. meaningless entries that can have an effect on the final outcomes make no sense. a 250 rider who is looking for gate time is a meaningless entry as he can't win the title so why allow him to effect your championship of your premier X class.
The reason we are enjoying THIS season so much so far is that NOBODY is dominant. We have 5 or 6 guys that can win every week.
Every rider on the track is a challenge in addition to the track. Your right this is the premier class and these guys take on all comers and if you can make the main you get your chance

if we take you option we should only let riders that have a chance to win the title in the main and by the end of the season we will only have 4 riders in the main.

Flug, I dig your pictures and insight into moto and super X but on this one I have to agree to disagree
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