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Originally Posted by Patj551 View Post
Larry Roeseler? Haven't heard that name in a while...the man's a legend! Lucky for you to have worked with him!

Standing in gnarly dirt situations is easier on your body & also allows the bike to move more freely & fluidly without the riders weight bouncing everywhere. And, yes, it's a skill that isn't always easy for noobs. There is definitely a feeling of security associated with sitting & white knuckling the bars. But once you get the hang of standing up & feeling the bike flow, your riding goes to the next level.
Roeseler taught seminars years ago through Cycle Gear. Back when Dave Bertram (owner) was actually still hands on with the business. I also got to ride with Bertram who was no slouch. (ISDE team captain US team)

Bertram gave talks at our dirt bike club ... we gave donations to the ISDE US team. Very smart guy ... and could watch you ride and immediately tell you where you were wrong. Really helped me a lot.
But Rodney Smith was the best ever. He would pass me going up hill on his 250 with his wife on the back ... pulling a wheelie all the way up this knarly ass climb ... wife stuck to him like glue. Best rider I ever saw. Rodney was the guy who said to just treat a steep downhill like a straight ... gas it. INsane! (fearless)
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