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Screen Gasket Orentation

Thanks FrankS and all others involved in this great discussion. After reading through the entire discussion (twice) I decided to repair my Zumo 550 myself after going through the Garmin $150.00 replacement already and having it do the same thing only a year later I figured why not, they can't be that much more different than cell phones and laptops and I've repaired literally hundreds of em' being a 25yr. IT guy.

So I ordered the screen/digitizer from Goodsupply 0889 (it was an exact fit) and two digitizers (also exact fit) figuring to repair my old display thereby leaving me with a repaired GPS and additional replacement display/digitizer assy. and a spare digitizer to rotate out. These units, as you all know fail frequently.

Everything went off nearly without a hitch. The only problem that I ran into was that when I removed the defective display/digitizer assy., I noticed a lot of crud along the bottom of the main screen gasket so I removed it and took a quick glance at it and it appeared to be identical on both sides. Appearances can be very misleading during a quick glance. I cleaned the gasket using warm water only and gently dried it and to be sure it was thoroughly dried I placed in front of a small fan for an hour or so. I then re-assembled and when I turned the unit on it appeared to be functioning properly until I got to the password entry screen and I noticed that the number 1 on the screen was highlighted (beige colored) and it was stuck on that and I could not proceed any further.

So I started back tracking rechecking all my connections everything looked good so I re-assembled ...same problem. I disassembled and disconnected, reconnecting again making certain that all connections were correctly inserted and locked down. I only put two screws in the unit just to hold it all together in case it wasn't solved...Good thing because it was the same story. Back to dis-assembly knowing full well that I had to be missing something. Removed the screen/digitizer and this time took a very close look using a magnifying glass in conjunction with a set of 2X reading glasses and that's when I noticed that the two sides of the gasket are not identical. I noted it's orientation prior to removal for re-inspection so I flipped it over. The lower portion of the gasket is critical and the flat side must be oriented in such a way that it contacts the screen surface. I reassembled and rechecked, problem solved. For proof (being the sick minded individual that I am) I disassembled the unit again, flipped the gasket back over , reassembled, and re-checked....the problem returned. Flipped it back over and problem went away again so I am certain that it does in fact make a difference!!! SO I hope that if anyone else that may possibly run into the same pitfall will read this post and save themselves a lot of hair pulling and possibly avoid reaching their personal breaking point and dumping their unit unnecessarily.

My Zumo is now a very happy camper and I've now got a ready replacement for the next time it goes bizerk on a long road trip.

Final notes, I used an exacto knife with a curved blade to separate the old digitizer from the display and instead of laying it flat I stood it on it's edge which allowed me to get a better visual on where to make the cut. It took about 20 seconds to separate the two with no breakage and even left the original seal intact.

Above all else Take your time, patience is a virtue when working with delicate electronic assemblies. Don't get in a hurry.

Ride On Bros, Hope to see ya on the road sometime.
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