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Cheers for the reply there.

I agree, horrible work and I'm going to try and fight it through the consumer affairs channels. I've since been enlightened that the operators of this business are very dubious people indeed. Unfortunately there is a loophole in my state where there is no statutory warranty on motorcycle mechanical services AND used motorcycle sales. This is why these shonks can get away with it. There is not legislative coverage and people can't go to courts because it will be very expensive. I'm going to talk to my local Member of Parliament and other relevant parties, perhaps get a petition going from motorcyclists, to try and make a change. Just because only 5% of traffic are motorcyclists, doesn't mean we shouldn't be legally protected. Outrageous!

I'm 90% sure the timing has only been checked on the flywheel but not certain.

I haven't checked fuel flow recently. Is the best way to check simply by pulling the hose off the carb? The bike has a history of flow issues. The old petcock was buggered and the fuel cap wasn't venting properly and stopping flow. They have since been replaced. I guess it's possible that it is flow but the engine does need quite a good rest after symptoms appear, at least 10 minutes. If it was intermittent flow, would it take as long as 10-15 minutes to catch up? I still feel it is heat related, air leak or electrical.

I have already found a NOS Kawasaki piston in eBay at a good price. I am going to get it re-bored and I will do a full strip down and rebuild from the bottom up. I will go new seals, new rotary valve (just in case that is a part of it), piston & rings, get the casings cleaned up, new ignition coil and condenser, get the points checked, and so on.

To save money, what parts of the job can a relative rookie hope to attempt? I've considered doing it myself but feel after all this it is too much for me. As it stands the bike ain't worth much and I have spent a lot of time and money. I need it running well.
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