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Originally Posted by Offroadie1 View Post
If your lucky it will be the same Orga. as the Serres team. They took a very pragmatic and sensible approach to such matters. If it can be justified without increasing risk, the rule can be changed during the daily meetings.

I think the jacket requirement may have been carried over from earlier rally's, some of which were up in the Greek mountains in October (Frrrrrrrosty)! You would have been delighted to be wearing a jacket.

As it was, in Serres we rode in shirts.
Hey OffRoadie, I raced Serres in both '11 and '12 (#52 on the ancient exc520), I was the naughty boy that brought up the issue of not wearing jackets at the rider's meeting in the afternoon of the 1st day. Organizers think I'm a bit of a trouble maker

You're right about Serres in '11, it was damn chilly due to it being held in late October, especially the early morning starts at 6 am (Kemal Merkit broke his collarbone when he slipped on early morning frost in a Special, it treacherous). I much prefer Serres now that it's held in late August, can't stand the cold personally

The organizers of Serres Rally and Hellas Rally (formerly Evia Rally) are two different people with two distinctly different teams.
And yes, as user HellasRally can testify, I was a pain in the ass in Evia as well (well, me and some other riders to be fair)...

That said, I am looking forward to Lepanto in a couple of months, if for nothing else than to meet up with some inmates from over here, and then I'm definitely doing Serres in august.
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