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Originally Posted by supershaft View Post
He stopped racing mini's for a while and then started racing again. Yes, he was then riding Kawasaki's I believe. The last time I saw him was while I was working at Mid Mo. HD/Kawasaki. I think he was riding their bikes for a while before I worked there? The owner of that place helps out a lot of racers. Including numerous future National Champions that I know of via Dave Burks and Jones Power Sports but they were riding flat track. I think he was on a 250 when he got hurt real bad. We use to ride together when we were kids. I was the reason he got his first RM. I turned his Mini Enduro into a pretzel! LOL. I made the jump but the bike didn't! I was then too big for mini's.
I think I saw that name associated with Kawasaki KX125 and an Intermediate. I used to have a 1971 Yamaha 60 JT1. I wish I still had that thing around for my daughter to ride.
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