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Originally Posted by DigDig View Post
Yes the Motion X accepts GPX, you email your route to them, and it comes back in an email to you that you can open on your phone in Motion X. It's easier then it sounds. Yes it has very good non Cellular tracking that I use a lot. It's great if you have an iPhone already and are too cheap to buy a GPS. " drive" is their turn by turn directions app, together a great combination for few $$. Been using them both for years with my biologic waterproof case. ( )
Janliness emailed me a track and I was able to import it into the iPhone app. I also was able to download a .GPX track from someone's website **credit to Cannontracks (, email it to myself and open it with the app on my iPhone. That is EXACTLY what I wanted to be able to do.

This app is really impressing me with what it does. With a good mounting setup and external power to the phone I don't see myself buying a Garmin anytime soon.
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