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Well ladies, it appears that I cannot attend this little excursion as I cannot find anyone to cover my call. You girls make me proud out there, someone must reach the top to knock out Razr.
If your going on this ride looking for a nice little Sunday putt your in for a surprise, bow out now. Depending on the route HT picks more than half of you will be on the ground at mile marker two. If you have those fancy titanium headers take them off and get a stock pipe because the waterfall on Ty's trail will crush them like NMBMN crushing beer cans on his forehead. Then theres that nasty rocky section going back up Ty's trail, my kidneys hurt just thinking about the last time we did that.
Then theres the "HILL". Hopefully HT wont show it to you on the way out. Scary. Going up is bad enough, but when you fail, oh my, dig your heels in and hold the bike. If you can remount hold on, this one is all about front brakes because the rear is locked up and gaining speed. Note: get new front brake pads.
But hey, other than that, have a blast
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