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Originally Posted by Mr Head View Post
Speed HD requires cable and a special cable package at least for me. And while my cable is provided at an employee discounted rate, it does still cost significantly more than zero.
I am fine with paying the subscription price and prefer it to what is offered by Speed. even the Speed HD feed is not has sharp in video detail as streaming to my iPad, then to AppleTV displaying on the same plasma flatscreen.
When on travel, (as I am now and have been since last August) I am forced into streaming through my personal 4G hotspot as even wired internet is not fast enough to keep pace.
And that costs a bit more than the subscription. One of the reasons I prefer Hilton over Marriott hotels and suites.
It's still a bargain over the pathetic analog Speed feed found in the hotel.
For all intents and purposes Speed if free to me. I understand that every one has a unique situation an so what may be true for one person may not be true for another.

I find it pretty interesting how people will justify their spending. Like the person who 'needs' that BMW.
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