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Originally Posted by BigBeemerBob View Post
I too am wanting to do the CDR but trying to working out logistics without ending up one end of the CDR and then having to ride back to the other end to fetch my truck.

Would something like this work for you? North-to-south or south-to-north works for me.

I saw your thread the other day and thought about it. But, part of the plan for me anyway, is not to be under any time-related pressure. I want to be able to do this trip averaging as many miles per day as we average, instead of having some target date when we got to be someplace. I'm retired, so I figger I can reward myself with this kind of luxury timetable. I realize of course that it doesn't work for everybody.

If you decide to ride south to north, possibly one of the other guys I ride with might be able to work something out with you by kissing me off halfway through Colorado if I'm riding too slow, and speed ahead to grab your truck in New Mexico and drive it back to Canada with his bike on the trailer.

Another possibility is if you ride north to south, and one of the guys with me is driving a sidecar rig from Canada. Your riding buddies could head back to Texas while you wait for us in New Mexico. Then you hop into the Canadian sidecar and sit while he chauffeurs you back to Banff.

Anyways, we're still 5 months away. Lotsa time for you to get something figgered out.
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