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I have had close encounters with Black Bears in California so that makes it a very limited experience with a beat down bear population . However, these bears do have little fear of humans. They have learned how to rip car doors off and to loot out of campgrounds.
I learned that they do not like the smell of gasoline . In one incident with a "crazy" mom with cub, the entire backpacking camp lost their food , but somehow mine escaped detection because I put it in a hole under a large flat rock, splashed stove gas all around the rock, and had soaked gasoline on the food storage bag before I left my bike(1967 CB 450 Honda) to hike overnite, One camper guy tried the pan banging and hit the bear with a stick and got scratched real bad with claws and was bleeding real bad, his group walked him out that nite. Everyone in the camp was terrified and up all nite , but I seemed calm and jovial actually enjoying the mayem and 3 european tourist chicks from germany asked if they could camp with me. I had a big bottle of Wild Turkey, jiffy pop, pretzels and a harmonica, we stayed up late and sang stupid songs around the campfire and no one complained because the harmonica seemed to keep the bear away. We must have sang "I dont want a pickle" and "Heart of Gold about 100 times. We all slept in a huddle but I didnt get lucky even though I had morning wood and it made them giggle, one girl giggled so hard she wet her panties(only believable part of the story) they had also lost all their food to the bear the previous nite. In the morning we all had my 6 eggs, 2 potatoes and canned bacon.
This was above Yosemite 1972, before they had bear spray or steel bear lockers in the remote backpacking camp sites, and your results may vary
I have other good bear stories but to keep it short this one is the most useful (and you probably wouldn't also believe some of the others anyway)

Dogs howl at harmonicas and I suppose it annoys bears also
(or it could have just been the Neil Young music)
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