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Day 12 – January 23, 2013

We all go grab some breakfast and head out on the short ride to Mulege today. We have great weather and enjoy the twisty’s especially along the Bahia Conception. Patty took lots of photos on the fly, so enjoy.

We peel off the highway onto the dirt turn off for Playa Frambe Lighthouse Resort. Me, Patty and Dave arrive at the turn off before John and Jacque. I tell Dave he can go ride around and check out the beach area and we will meet him at the Lighthouse. It shouldn’t be too hard to spot, lol.

I'm chillin waiting for J&J to arrive at the turn off.

Dave out expoloring the area.

Dave's travels

Dave hits this beach and loops back on the hwy to us.

J & J arrive and after missing our turn we arrive. Dave has not arrived and we figure he is out checking the place out. We get checked in. As a surprise bonus the owner has informed us that since we rented 2 casita’s (they ea have 2 bedrooms) that he is throwing the Lighthouse room in for free. It is very cool but much smaller. Dave will probably dig it rather than sharing a room with J&J as planned.

Heading into the resort.

Pulling up to the resort.

View from our bedroom.

View from our room.

The resort lighthouse.

View from the top of the Lighthouse.

Looking toward our room.

The guard dogs...

It is still somewhat early in the day and we want to go into Muelge to check the town out but Dave has not arrived? I jump on the KTM to go find him. I have a good time racing the now empty KTM around the beachfront. I can’t find Dave and head back. Apparently just after I left, Dave arrived, lol.

The resort has a 4-5” deep gravel entrance that is about 80’ long. Me and John make our way out of the entrance and are waiting for Dave and Jacque but they don’t come right away and John turns back to see what is up and I follow. Jacque has wrecked pretty hard in the deep gravel. She was pinned by the BMW and Dave had to come lift it off her. She ended up with gas all over her due to her fuel cap coming off (Pemex attendants evidently didn’t get it on correctly). I jump on her BMW and ride it out of the gravel for her. I tell Patty, ‘no wonder she had a hard time. Her bike is awful off-road’. The ergonomics are definitely made more for road riding. (Note: Later Jacque found out she broke 2 ribs in that fall).

We all ride into Mulege and stop at a restaurant to eat. While there we run into fellow ADV’ers riding DRZ’s on their way to Argentina (thread- Venturing South on DRZ's). They sat down to eat with us while we gave them a few tips on places on places to stay further south. They tell us some funny stories of their adventures so far. Sounds like they will have a good time.

We check out the DRZ's

To be continued......
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