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Originally Posted by Buzzworm View Post
Doc - Been lurking about on the ADV forms for a while now and ran across the Mobius RR during the middle of stage 4 and have been hooked ever since. Now that you have Mobius 10 under your belt I was wondering if you had a “Top Ten” list yet. Excluding folks that rode with you because I’m sure they were all awesome. So limit it to places, critters, trails, scenery, food, people you ran into along the way, epiphanies, etc, etc
A few of my personal favorites…The not quite dead guy, Towing LDF’s bike for miles on the freeway in the dark and Fun with Scala. I still laugh when you say “She can hear me but I can’t hear her. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.” That sense of humor is plainly evident in your posts and video updates and contributes greatly to the overall reading enjoyment of this epic RR.
The last few days of the trip LDF showed a lot of guts riding something that mechanically didn't inspire a lot of confidence. That has to detract from any enjoyment if you are wondering when things are going to break… hats off to her.
The moments you've identified are certainly among the great ones, and you're absolutely correct in recognizing that the interactions we've had and the people we've met (Suicide Pass lady notwithstanding), have been universally excellent. If you go back to the Index on the very first post of this thread, you will find that I've kept it updated. Many of the links are to episodes that I'm always going back to, maybe I'm talking to a friend, and telling the story, and I say, hold on a second, let me pull up the photos -- and I'll use the index to go straight to that part of the trip.

I think many of my favorites are the "firsts"... cowboy camping, surviving a thunderstorm, figuring out a re-route, fixing a flat, many things which now for us are routine, and don't give us too much stress. I sometimes have opportunity to follow along some of the "TAT preparation" threads and I want to say -- "hey, don't worry so much, you'll figure it out, just enjoy yourselves" but then I realize that I, in fact, sweated the small stuff, made sure we were as prepared as possible, and that's probably a big reason why we've had such a great time on these trips.

Other top ten memories would include: riding through the tallgrass prairie preserve, riding in snow near Taos, seeing the topography of the US change as we traveled west, the white rim trail, cowboy camping at the abandoned mine, herding cattle, getting ankle-bit by sagebrush, all the great smells, the bear on the shelf road, getting trapped on telkwa pass, grizzly sightings, glaciers, just how surreal being that far north is, the sockeye salmon, the car crash in BC, the beauty of the Canadian Rockies, all the hard, technical riding like Bruneau canyon and most of M9, buckarooing, Bonneville salt flats, Dunn ridge, and I'm sure I've left out plenty.
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