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Originally Posted by Treadless View Post
I wonder if the need for a damper some folks feel has to do with improper suspension set up. I say this because I hear complaints about the 12 having problems tires cupping and being twitchy both of which can be cured or greatly alleviated with suspension set up.

On my 12 with the 21" and running TKCs I never had thoughts of wanting/needing a damper whether the bike was empty or in full touring/camp mode. Although the 21" TKC slowed me down a fair amount in the twisties. Those little blocks are nowhere near as stable as the larger blocks on the 19".
Running Ohlins F/R which have been properly set up so not really a suspension problem.

Originally Posted by GapRunr View Post
Does it *need* a damper? Probably not.

Do you *need* knobbies to ride off road? Probably not.

Do these things help? Sure.

I put the fork mounted HyperPro on my GS a while ago, and it has saved me more than once when I caught a knob on a rut. The bike is also more stable on the road, regardless of what tires I am running. It's really noticeable when I am passing a semi at highway speeds.
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