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Day 12 continued.....

Me, Patty and Dave are going to go ride around town while John and Jacque opt for a walking tour. We go thru town then follow the river out to the lighthouse. The last hurricane (late 2012) really beat the hell out of the riverfront area.

Riding around Mulege.

It is always interesting checking out the towns.

Riding up to the Mulege River. You can see the road has been worked over.

Huge chunk of concrete are just ripped apart.

These little Palm trees were completely underwater or ripped out.

There is still debris everywhere.

More debris..

The road dead ends at the Lighthouse.

After the Lighthouse we head back to town, cross under the bridge and head up to the Mulege Mission.

Heading back toward town.

They have tried repairing the road..

Cool looking resort (i think) across the river.

Heading down the one way street in town.

I was worried the bike would scare the little Burro but he didn't care and the kids were cheering at us. Got to love them. Atleast they are riding something.

The owner of the Lighthouse told us the river was just 3 feet under the bottom of the bridge! Looking up and riding under the bridge, I cannot even imagine what this place looked like! Everything would have been under water. It has been several months and you can still see the damage!

So I cannot imagine the water being 3 feet under the bottom of this bridge.
We would be needing a snorkel right about now!

All of this was under water.

Got to love some of the buildings.

It is crazy to see the stone work on these buildings. Behind the mission there is an incredible overlook where you can see a field of lush Palm trees. It would have been cool to catch the sunset from that lookout but I’d rather not ride back in the dark. We head out and ride on the other side of the river. The damage is just as bad on this side. The road takes us up to the hwy and we head back to the Lighthouse for the night.

We arrive at the Mulege Mission.

These old buildings always amaze me. Huge blocks of stone and walls like 3 feet thick.

Stairs up to an overlook.

View of the Mission from the overlook.

Holy Sea of Palm Trees.....



Now that is a door..

Time to head out.

Another interesting house with mulitple Palm trees growning thru it.

It is very evident the destruction that came thru here but they don't get a bail out from the government.

Atleast there is enough road left for the motorcycle....

We pull off the hwy toward the Lighthouse.

Dad and I are really into solar and wind energy and get to chat with Bob (the owner) about his off-the-grid system. He has a pretty amazing set-up. Patty and Jacque head to the beach to check out the unlimited variety of sea shells. Just mounds of the things. Bob uses the shells to landscape with and it looks pretty cool.

It gets dark rather early so Dad, Jacque and Dave go play some cards in the main Casita. Patty and I head to another casita, throw on some music and have a great time playing Air Hockey. Patty gets so into it that after an hour or so she ends up with a blister….lol….feisty girl!
We eventually head to bed. We are happy they have good beds. A small noisy clock in the room is keeping me awake no matter where I put it. Patty finally says ‘just put it in the mini fridge’. Sweet! Now I can sleep!

Little do I know it yet.... but tomorrow is gonna be rough!!!
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