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Originally Posted by D.Bachtel View Post
I just want to see good builds that are thought out.
It's all a compromise but it needs to have some basic engineering standards. Unless it's a leaner I'm looking for no flex at all. One unit.

Hell, I don't even like the idea of Heim or spherical joints used in place of an eye and clevis. Use an end that is intended to be rigid, not some linkage for a 3-point PTO.

Oh.... and Claude, just a correction on my name.
It gets botched up a bit, not Batch-tel but Bach-tel.

Don Bachtel in Nipomo.
Agree on the heims even though many well respoected builders use them.
To th eoriginal poster: Again please try and take what has been written here constructively. Most here are not prone to criticizing just to do so. I feel that everyone here at least up to this point has been trying to help you have a great build.

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