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school and partying in Antigua Guatemala

Day thirty two through day thirty seven, 2-16-2013-2-21-2013
So I havenít updated my ride report in about a week now but Iíve been really busy with school, relaxing, drinking cheap rum, and generally having a great fucking time. We have been enjoying the luxurious hotel that Andrews mother put us up in VERY much. It is a nice change from some of the shit holes we have become accustomed to. And a welcome alternative to camping. Plus we have an extra 15 bucks a day to spend on food and booze. School was at first, and I guess still is, challenging to say the least. The first day I pretty much just sat there while this woman two-stroked Spanish at me and said ďSiĒ pretending like I had a clue what she was saying. Now after only four days I can have a semi-conversation with the lady. She is awesome by the way. Iím pretty sure sheís trying to set me up with her 20 year old daughter. The other day she and Andys instructor took us to the market and showed us where to buy fireworks. Awesome. So we bought them beers for their help. I havenít done too much riding except around town so not much to say on that. But here are the pictures so far from this week:
This volcano errupted during our class. I guess it happens often:

Here is Andy with his fireworks. our teacher encouraged us to light these of in the middle of the street at around noon:

here's a bunch of old buildings we went to. I think it's funny that it took them fifty years to rebuild it after an earthquake, then six years later it got taken out by another earthquake.

here is a coffee bush?:

and a banana tree:

And an avacado tree:

Here is a photo of volcan de agua:

And here is one of Andrew drunk sitting on a random bike:

yesterday at school it was someones birthday:

birthdays are done right here:

well I think that should explain most of what i've done. I met up with another ADV guy from portland and had some drinks with him. been meeting alot of awesome people here in antigua and am sure to have more stories soon.
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