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I never said to single anyone out, Tomac by his move to the 450's comes under the spotlight and becomes the point of debate. the series is supposedly set up as a "junior series" (Lites) to allow "beginner" pro's the chance to ride on the big stage without taxing their resources to much by making them try to get to all 16 events

And, allowing them to bump up a class while on break to see if they are ready for the big class. At the same time giving the fans a treat to see how your favorite 250 guy does in the 450 class.

There is no TEAM racing mentality in this sport anymore. Did you not see the pass Brayton put on Grant, in a heat race no less.

Personally I like the way SX works. The day seems to flow really well, at least at the live events that I've been to (and its well put together on TV). Which is good for us cause it means more coverage.

The track should be really good this weekend.
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