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Originally Posted by SigPig View Post
t. Tomac is going up in class so you can't call it cherry picking.
I'm not saying he's cherry picking the 450's I'm saying in an abstract way he is cherry picking the 250's, though I don't fault him.

the way the sport is set up they've inadvertantly created cherry picking in the 250 class and equipment does play a role. 250 regional SX titles are not regarded with the same prestige as 450 titles are. Barcia is a good example. He's been training for years for his pro career and he was obviously ready. But his 2 titles are now just after thoughts now that he has "moved up". It wasn't broke and they fixed it and ruined potential all time careers. Clearly superior riders like Roczen and Tomac riding the 250's the way things are now is akin to a guy with enough points in C class not moving up to B and dominating the C's for as long as he can. Or B's who should be up with the A's. It's not Tomacs fault but if Barcia and RV were still riding 250's maybe Tomac and Roczen aren't in the conversation.
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