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Originally Posted by Cortez View Post
They all have ABS, and a couple in this situation is 50% more for the Kymco
stuff, and 100% more for the Gilera (w/o abs).

I'd agree if we were talking 80 vs 100hp, but this is a whole new ball game.
What new ballgame? Every bike has it's strengths and weaknesses, including Kymco. I know they are good bikes but there is nothing Kymco makes that works for me.
The closest would be the GTI 300 People. Compared to my bike, most people go all gaga over the Kymco because it's got more power and ABS, but it's mostly about the power. I can live without the extra power and the ABS although I wouldn't turn them down if I could have them.

What I can't live without is the extra two inches of wheelbase and the large under seat storage. I don't fit on the GTi300 and the idea of sticking my stuff into a top box at the back of the bike so that it can screw up the steering strikes me as dumb.

So does that make the Kymco a bad bike ? Not at all. As you know they are an excellent bike, just not my kind of bike. The Citycom with it's 'pathetic' 20 HP, 130 kph top speed, lack of ABS; but with it's comfort, handling and storage is.

Different strokes for different folks.

My point is that most of the scooter folk I meet seem to be obsessed with HP and it doesn't make much sense to me. There are lots of other good reasons to own a particular scoot.
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