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Originally Posted by charleshmosesii
I'm going to the dealer tomorrow to check it out, yay for me!
Stock bike vs stock bike, for a noob the KLX is gonna be easier to ride off-road, and to pick up multiple times a day, and to pull out of mud holes. Stock vs stock the DRZ would be better on the pavement. It can be geared down for the woods but then it won't be as good on the pavement. All around, the DRZ is "better" but the KLX is "easier" on the woods end.

I just sold my DRZ and have briefly ridden a buddy's dualsport converted KLX300. That guy also had a DRZ. FWIW, when I told him I was considering the KLX-250S, he told me that a DRZ-S was better in every way except weight. And a DRZ-E (if you can dualsport it in your state) is much closer in weight to the KLX-S than the DRZ-S is.

Is there stability now in the claimed weight of a KLX-S? Early on, I saw claims of 240 lbs but then saw a Kawi website that said 250 plus....
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