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Originally Posted by The Civil One View Post
Hey .

Yesterday whilst out for a spin , on My 88 R100GS bumble bee , i was proceeding along nicely ,,,
my bike just stopped ,, i had all kinds of notions running thru my head as to what had happened .
Initial thought was it had to be electrickery , because of the way it just Stopped motoring ..
Having a look over the bike i couldnt see anything amiss ,,,,,, checked fuses , run my fingers along all the main leads
outa the battery area , Nada .
I called a friend with a van ,, had it vanned back to base .
On inspection , there wasnt a kick outa the battery at all ,absolutely nothing.
My Battery is about a year old , Motobatt , I have never heard of a battery " Just failing ".
Digging out the Voltmeter , she is charging , nothing astounding , sitting about 13.5 ,but that is about it on a Std R100Gs.

Have you ever heard of a battery "Just failing " ?
What battery would you suggest as a good fitment ?
sounds like there's a good possibility nothing is wrong with your battery. your charging system should be putting out 13.8v to 14.2v at medium rpm.

here's a repost of basic trouble shooting list .. go to my LiFEPO4 battery testing thread for LOTS more info, AGM is covered too ...

to test PB battery ...

1. charge at least overnight with preferably a std size automotive battery charger. some batt tenders charge so slow, it may take several days.

2. allow fully charged battery to rest overnight to bleed off surface charge

3. use a known to be correct meter ... 12.85v shows a fully charged flooded PB at rest, 13v for AGM

4. next is a load test.. no problems if you don't have a load tester... your starter will draw about 150amp, then drop to about 95 amps. if your battery cranks strong with a verified full charge, then it passes the load test.

5. your charging system should put out at mid-rpm range.. 13.8v to 14.2v measured at battery. intermittent charging issues are the worst...

6. test for parasitic drain... set meter to measure amp in series ... connect meter in series to neg side between battery and ground. depending on what's running with everything shut down, a tiny drain may be ok... like a clock

note: AGM cells like to be charged at 2.40V to 2.45V/cell = 14.4v to 14.7v for max capacity with less sulfation. 2.30V to 2.35V/cell = 13.8v to 14.1v for max service life

AGM batteries that's gone thru a severe discharge. a reconditioning charge cycle may be in order. but that takes a charger with a conditioning cycle and/or a constant voltage charger that delivers 15.5v

for more technical information please consider visiting my battery testing thread. which contains the most technical information on LiFePO4 motorcycle batteries anywhere on the WWW that I'm aware of.

Earth-X ETX36 and Shoria LFX 36 .. both LiFePO4 batteries have plenty of cranking/AH capacity for adventure bike duties. Earth-X ETX36 weight 3lb 11oz... vs odyssey 925 at 24lb ... substantial weight savings, but costs $$$...

link in sig ...

Shorai LFX36 next to Earth-X ETX36 right

Earth-X ETX36 under going a regenerative discharge/charge Amp hour capacity test with Powerlab 8 (world's most advanced li-ion charge station)


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