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I tried to search the net yesterday but found only a lot of bullshit concerning cars. Nothing about bikes. I wonder if someone could tell me if the ABS module works only when the engine is running or if it works when ignition is on, which is the case when I cut the engine with the kill-switch.
A mate meant that once the speed drops below 5mph the ABS is inoperative, but I really know that I was much quicker. End of March I can test this, I will just kill the engine and see what happens when I brake hard, I will test this with the key and kill-switch.
Maybe a wiring or schematic of the system may help. I really want to know what was going on. Till we chatted about it I did not even think that I might have misunderstood something. I can remember that I was able to brake harder with the front brake too....

But you know, when old men think they can remember....
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