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Originally Posted by ac_elite View Post
Not sure if you are looking for ESA compatibility or not, but there is someone selling HPs in FM now.

I emailed the seller and these are not compatible with ESA. But its a good price. I am still on the fence, but pretty sure I will go with HPs hybrid which can be ESA mounted.

I got a quote from EPM Performance Import:

"The price for the set (model 360 front and 460 rear) is $ 1,459 including the component transfer.

Aside from the standard “hybrid” shocks we also offer a special shock for the rear (model 461), one with a remote reservoir with manual high/low speed compression damping adjustment. The price for the set with this shock is $ 1,809.00

The delivery of these shocks from the factory takes about 2-3 weeks. When they arrive and your OEM shocks are here, we will turn it around within 2 days and ship it back."

I am at 44,000 Miles and planing a trip to S.A. next fall so I cannot delay the inevitable any more. After riding Baja 2up loaded with camping gear last fall, I know that I need new shocks. Somehow between witness accounts and research I convinced myself that Hyperpro is the way to go.
Thats a good deal!

They are not for the Adventure though so I believe that they would lower my bike a little and I am not interested in doing that. He also weighs a bit less than me so it would probably be sprung a little too softly for me.

Thanks for the link and lots of good suggestions.

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