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Originally Posted by Stagehand View Post
Sometimes we run the same stage more than once. Its covenient for me to have the start of each stage waypointed, so that I can just do a GoTo if I get lost. I find it helpful to have the service waypointed as well.

Thankfully, Anders has thoughtfully incorporated the shortest distances already, so my GPS and the route sheets really havent conflicted at all. Just once on the way to the finish from the last stage. It was inthe dark, and my rollchart wasnt lit. I used th GPS to get me to hte finish line...

But here's the rub- It wasnt by the route sheet route, and my battery died. I ended up pushing hte bike the last half mile or so. Saw no other bikes becuase I wasnt on the route.

So its got its advantages and disadvantages.
Thank you for the explanation.

Originally Posted by jack splash View Post
Ara: If your not use to using a GPS, it's not a good idea to try learn how to use one at the Rally. There's too many other things to worry about.

Usually you can find another rider or two starting near you, and you ride together to the next stage or service.

Jack...I wouldn't use the GPS as a route guide, but rather in case I have to bail out and get back to the service area. Maybe I'll just pack it in my backpack just in case.

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