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The TT350 is now road registered / "approved".

Given the new rings and honed bore I've done a few intervals of hard acceleration and roll off /slow down then a little run over a mix of sealed and dirt road.

The front end is very stable, responsive and absolutely acceptable.

The rear suspension with the rebuilt original TT350 "De Carbon" rear shock is at maximum pre load and 5 clicks back from max damping. I think there is room for a little reduction in preload and damping which means the rear shock is definitely within operating tolerances.

The engine is the result of 20thou off the head, std head gasket, valves refaced, shim clearances set to mid tolerance range but the big change has been the porting of the cylinder head plus new angled inlet manifolds. The original manifolds and poorly bonded rubber carbie joiners are complete rubbish.

The end result is an engine that pulls without hesitation off a slow idle and produces major power past mid range revs. The gearing is 14:50 (std), the carbies are standard with all standard jetting and I'm 95kg. At 60% - 100% throttle the engine develops hard acceleration. Open the throttle at 100kph in 6th gear and it drives hard immediately - it was pulling VERY HARD at 125kph @14:50 in 6th gear and showing no sign of losing power / accelleration

At 14:52 as with the 2012 450 KTM EXC, this thing will be very interesting in the dirt ..... it lives !
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