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Originally Posted by wxwax View Post
Oh, they've all talked about the quick tire degradation, about one good lap and then they go off apparently. It may be that they're not ripping Pirelli by name because they know that the manufacturer is only doing the FIA's bidding.

One driver had the nous to mention that this kind of tire made for exciting races last season. A driver with perspective, whodathunk it?
well it was exciting if it happened to be in favor of a driver you were cheering for, and frustrating if it hurt the driver you were cheering for...

but just like last year, the teams figured it out, and it was business as usual after that.

I asked one of my tech guys what he thought of the tires and he felt that the cold temps contribute to the tire "tearing" rather than wearing properly. Maybe at normal temperatures we will see some different results.
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