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I told you I was a sick minded individual.........

Originally Posted by Reaver View Post
Hey KYStarRider, try not to use up your subscription's character limit on your first post!

Welcome. You had me thinking there but mine worked out of the gate. I didn't disconnect the LCD or remove the gasket I believe. That was a month ago but may as well have been years as I have limited RAM.

I bet you were "on the clock" while fixin your Zumo. Most would just accept that it worked the second time.

Hey Reaver,
Sorry 'bout the character usage, but I'm "hard wired" to be thorough.

The only reason I even messed with the gasket in the first place wuz because of the crud...(leaving it could have possibly created an entry point for moisture). It took me a while to get the problem nailed down and was just tryin' to help the next poor soul that may venture down that path.

Now for the sickest part....I was in fact "Off the clock" at home!!!!
Winter Sucks!!! I need some ride'n time
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