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Originally Posted by JoelWisman View Post
#1 ME, I need a vacation :)
#2 Techron concentrate fuel system cleaner.
#3 A battery if your still using a stock one or Yuasa YTX14.
#4 Tubes and patches
#5 Aligator clips and some temporary way to get power direct from battery to fuel pump (with Techron and the ability to power the pump direct from battery and perhaps even jog it back and fourth i've never come across a BMW fuel pump I couldn't milk another few thousand miles from and usually more).
#6 spare injectors.
#7 head light bulb.
#8 possibly a damn stator and cover gasket or back up battery.
#9 oil and coolant.
It's a 650 if memory serves so u wont likely need spare wheel bearings but do check them before you go. Actually u may want to have the bike professionally checked from stern to stem by someone good at such. I could do it if you want, So could Ryan at Gateway but Shannon probably wouldn't let him and just assign a noob lol.
#10 spare links and masters as well as chain breaker for chain.
#11 A go over all the important electrical connections with contact protector/enhancer, NOT to be confused for dielectric grease. The only kind I know of that works is called RID-OX by techspray. It's expensive and has an MSDS with 3's and 4's but works great and Ftwins are starting to need it in a number of places.
#12 ME lmao
Thanks Joel!

Re #1 / #12 the trip isn't planned yet, but if I get near St. Louie I sure as hell owe you dinner and a few drinks at the very least!!!!

#2 Techron - check! Plan to carry MSR fuel bottle full of it (well labeled)

#3 Battery - new Deka just installed

#4 tubless tire plugger & compressor - check!

#5 have friend at local dealership holding a dead FPC module for me to salvage connector from ... and will have a rig with me to bypass PFC & jog pump. I had not thought about jogging it back to life ... so will plan on that and likely NOT carrying spare pump ... even though a good source appears to has been found:

#6 ... crap ... injectors - hadn't considered that but will ...

#7 bulb check - have one in the toolkit wrapped in cotton & stuck in pill bottle

#8 stator - I have spare Electrosport on the way to my house now, plan to inspect mine before I leave ... really don't want to lug a spare, but ... thinking about it... may leave it on workbench to have wife overnite it to me as "plan B"

#9 yeah.......... trying to think of a compact way to carry a bit of both oil and coolant ... I can see already that I'll be kinda cramped for space being gone for 3-wks and expecting 100F in the valley and 40F going over the passes ....

#10 yeah ... will be buying new chain before I go and will get a spare link & take breaker.

#11 had not heard of RID-OX ... I've been using a drop or two of Mobil One synthetic lubricant (not motor oil - this was a special product that is now discontinued damit...) but will scare up some RID-OX

#12 ... See #1 ... you service manager/owner types are probably going to need to vacation in South America during the (North American) winter eh?

I have F658GS but will be installing new tires and will for sure check all bearings and run around the bike with the torque wrench and etc.

BACK to #9: THANKS for offer to check over my bike!
I'd pay you or Ryan double if I get to watch
If I am going to get close to St. Louie I'll PM you! I hope Mandy & Ryan are doing well!

My damn water pump, which was replaced with newer style under warranty for coolant leak, is now weeping a fair amount of oil... I wonder if new o-rings will fix that?

Otherwise I think I' doing pretty well....

mmmmmmmmm maybe a new camchain tensioner ....
Oh ... news there too - BMW has approved 15W-50 for the twins.

I have started using it and it really quiets the cold-start timing chain death-rattle much quieter and much shorter amount of time ... perhaps the 15W is just thick enough to not bleed back out of the tensioner when the bike is shut down .....

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