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Some stuff from Fall 11:


Skyclad and his Uly.... Last ride for a great bike.

A mess of my buddies will be familiar with this road off 33.
NFW on El Tigre..... No Fucking Way.. Road has 10,000 baby heads LOL, I know caus I hit every one of them on my 650

looks innocent enough

I started the day riding with Skyclad, 6 and a couple others. Just as we starte up the mountain west of Harrisonburg VA on rt33 Sky's Uly decided it was sick of sticking to the road and tumbled off the berm in a spectacular fashon.... Despite tumbling head over ass, Sky was not injured, and barely shaken (badass that he is), but his beloved Uly would not survive.

After this incident everybody went their different ways. I was only by myself for about 20 minutes when I came upon this group of BWDR, Del Douches and PA peckers...
Friends!!! It was later this day that I found out how good friends can be!!!
Beantop, Stirby, Eddie Bolted, Hack....

Now infamous Smoke Hole Rd.

Last known photo of my right shoulder before its demise.

Just part of my plan to bionicize all the joints in my body. By now, I'm sure I'm close to 1/6 of the way to becoming the Six Million Dollar Man.....

Tell me the sky doesn't look like water...
I posted this originally under the influence...

This meadow was right next to a 200 degree turn at the end of Smoke hole.

Beantop and Eddie uh..... bolted! We were gonna catch up to them later.

I was leading Hack and Stirby at a whopping 20 mph... paying attention to everything except riding my bike (dumbass move)...
I went into the 200* too soon.... Honestly just not paying fucking attention. When I realized that an oncoming car would take me out, I over corrected and glanced my front end off a guardrail. I wasn't going very fast at all...
I was stuck between the bike and the guard rail in this slow motion wrasslin match that my right shoulder gave its life for.
Hack and Stirby watched in horror, then ran to my aid.
This is where good people show their metal.
Hack helped me get the bike up and tried to get me to realize the severity of my situation.... I was in complete macho denial and wanted to do nothing but get my bike back on the road and go back to the BWDR compound. I didn't know that my shoulder was out of the socket until later, all I knew was that I couldn't move my arm... Like the dumbass that I am, I kept trying to put my hand on the throttle which hurt like a mother...."maybe it won't hurt this time---OUCH, maybe it won't hurt this time---OUCH... ad nauseum.
Hack had already waved down a nice couple in a truck to try and convince me that I really didn't need to be riding the bike and that I should go to the hospital... I continued to be surly and stupid for almost a half hour... Then Hack's gentle persuasion sunk in enough to take a ride to the hospital from the nice couple. (who had waited at least 15 minutes for me to come to my senses ) I was getting shocky and in level 9 pain...
I was super lucky (for several reasons) to have my friends there, the nearest hospital was in Petersburg WV just a few miles down the road.

Hack rode my bike to the hospital, it was a little scratched up and took a ding to the right front fork that was a little leaky.
Stirby stayed in the emergency room waiting room with me while Hack went 90 miles back to BWDR to rally the troops to come and save my ass....all in all she waited over 8 hours!!! I'll NEVER forget the kindness and loyalty Stirby.
Hack wasn't feeling well, so my friends WayneJ and VA Commuter drove Bloochdog's truck back the 90 miles to get me, my bike and Stirby.
I think Wayne has a flattering photo of me leaving the emergency room... Post away Wayne, if you are lurking.
Stirby gave up her entire afternoon and evening. Hack dealt with my pissed off and in pain ass perfectly. Wayne and VAC gave up their Saturday night festivities to drive 180 miles to save my ass....Then here is the kicker.. Hack rode my bike from Elkton VA back to Baltimore and Stirby drove me back in their truck.....
Nobody should wonder why I'm always saying I am one of the luckiest human beings ever born!!!! This story points it out wonderfully.

Thanks again Hack, love ya man.
Thanks again Stirby, you are the best.
Thanks again VAC and Wayne!!
Thanks Blooch and Banshee for loaning your truck and for putting my sad ass in a bed in the house for the night.

The shoulder hung out for 4 days until I had surgery. These were interesting days.

6 weeks later I was riding JaxWife's Honda Metropolitan at the beach.. Photos to follow.

8 months later I was pulling into a campground outside Grants NM.

This is all that happened to the bike..I had owned it for 4 days and already started the JackIzing....

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