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Originally Posted by nachtflug View Post
Barnett titled on 125's outdoors 1980/81/82 and the 1981 250 SX title and still has a respectable status.

If Barcia ends up with nothing but 2 Lites titles his career will be one of underachievement. Barcia had the potential to have a run on 250's that might have been quite substantial. The way the 250's are viewed in SX bleeds over to the outdoors as well. It's all about the 450's. The 250's become a cherry picking smorgasbord for those lucky/good enough to get one of the fast bikes. It's all out of whack and it needs to be fixed. Gordy was right I thought only Musquin was a world champ Roczen is too. We've got world champs riding the hot bikes against "local" kids with an aftermarket pipe and a prayer. Tomac is the perfect example of why the system is totally unbalanced possibly to the systems own harm. He shouldn't be allowed to ride the 450's.
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