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Got to go out today. Did about 60 miles and it felt great. Engine pulls from way down low, it has loads of power, and maybe a slight increase in vibrations.

Then came a problem....

On the highway coming back home, i was holding a steady 80 mph for about a minute. Just then, I heard a loud metal sound coming from below me, and the engine felt like it lost a bunch of power. I pulled over and it died. Before getting off the bike, I tried to restart it, and it started, but wouldn't idle. I got off the bike, and listened. It sounds like its coming from the right side, maybe the valves. Since the bike was running, i decided to just go home. It was about 15 miles at 45-60 mph. The metal noise continued to chime but much lower. If I revved the engine, it got louder. I got home and the bike was able to idle. The noise was still there.

I hope that its just a valve came loose and the nut is siting on top of the engine. I haven't opened it, as its way too hot to get in there. Any suggestions if its not the valve? It could be anything, I think the noise is on the right side, but it might not be. Also the engine oil temps during the whole ride ranged from 150*-190*F. I have a plate over my oil cooler, since its in the 30's today. The temps did not increase after this incident.
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