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Cheap Option to Motels

When traveling on the cheap, I've used and to avoid motels, but traveling with Kirby makes that a little harder, and it still costs money. As AdventureRiders, we have the ADV Tent Space List (here) which would really be kind of ideal for this trip.

I've just discovered that I can use GPS Visualizer to import Cannonshot's .gpx file into a Google Map (here), then also import the Tent Space List, so that I can see where the route goes close to somebody's place on the list. If you want to try this, just paste Cannonshot's .gpx file into the File #1 upload box, then paste - - into the URL of Static Data box, then click on Draw the Map. You can even click on an inmate's pushpin to go right to their post.

Realizing that a lot of FF's are gonna be gone riding during August, still it would be cool to be able to camp out at somebody's house and use their indoor plumbing. Hella cheaper than a motel (even if we share rooms.)
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