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Originally Posted by Icewalker View Post
Awesome replies

I'm kind of taken by this model. But it looks like it would be a heavy old thing to hustle around.

So something like this but maybe a bit lighter and with real brakes. The other thought I had was to buy a yard sale bike or two and break out the mig welder - but I wouldn't want to subject my little one to my welding skills (or lack of them).
I saw a chick at the local dog park come screaming down the hillside in one of those, like her hair was on fire; she had her dog in the front and that dog looked like he was having the time of his life.

If you're even remotely handy with a welder, then this book might be the answer. I'm at work (and my copy's at home) but I think there's some decent instructions in there for some stuff that might work. ETA; He's got a website -

Whatever you decide, POST PICS

Originally Posted by 2whl-hoop
That would probably make my wife very happy she doesn't know about the latest one, yet.

I'm considering taking a hiatus from motos for a year or two to appease her a bit, and because I'm not really having the time for both hobbies, especially with a two year old at home...
Well you know you could send me your motos too, what can I say, I'm a giving guy....
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