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Originally Posted by ballisticexchris View Post
Hey, That looks like a fun ride. Been a while since riding Cal City. I love having a plated bike!

Come on out. More Betas the better!

Originally Posted by team ftb View Post
Coming back to the states to visit family and stock up on gear to keep me riding in Southeast Asia. Got a KTM 500 to replace the 600 hour 525 and will also pick up a Garmin 650 to help my aging eyes. So if you're handing out waypoints and tracks for the trip could you send me some so I can begin wrestling with and learning the 650 and bloody Basecamp.

My bike will have the stock 2.5 gallon tank, that should get me hopefully 90 miles. Will your planned loops, flower sniffing, etc. require more?
I can be out there for Friday riding no problem.
Thanks for the welcome.

This is last year's gpx file; mm2012.gpx. (right click, & save as ...) Same waypoints for this year, but I'm still working on 2013 tracks.

I prefer MapSource to Bascamp because it will only display the ONE gpx file waypoints & tracks you just loaded. Basecamp wants to display & confuse you with EVERY waypoint & track you have ever loaded. Good luck!

90-mile fuel range should be enough. Most rides are 70-80 miles and we'll be out all day. Bring water/snacks/lunch/jacket/tools/tubes/tow-straps/etc for the trail.

Originally Posted by BRUTSQD View Post
This looks like a kick in the pants.. Camping I assume?? If I can get my school work in order I'll likely show up. Do you guys need warning or just show up?? -Trevor
Yes, camping location & info are here.

We don't need no stinkin' warnings, but you should arrive early enough to camp (8:00AM) to find & meet folks riding the same routes (easy vs. hard). You should have a GPS with my tracks loaded, or find & follow someone who does.

All rides start at 9AM from the top of water tank hill #3.

I'll be leading the hard loops. We will need an easy-loop leader with a GPS, so if anyone is interested let me know.

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