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Originally Posted by moe.ron View Post
They were installed on Saturday and my first off road tire, they are on a 700GS.

I have my air pressure set at what it states in the manual, 32/35, and it feels OK on pavement, I've only ridden them 100 miles. I cant run them in the dirt until the weekend. I will be loading the bike for a trip this weekend and the specs increase to 35/41 with the added weight.

Should I run something different from what it says in the manual on the street? I am of course looking for maximum mileage from the tire and will commute on this. If I am not sure about something and cant find a good answer I usually stick to the manual.

They were dealer installed (they owed me a tire install) and pressure was way off what it says in the manual, much higher. Can somebody with experience chime in?

The answer is more than likely somewhere but tire and tire pressure threads are like a needle in a haystack! I found a couple but they were for different specs, and I am of course probably putting too much thought into this.
I have an F800 with the K60s and had the same question. The tyre sidewalls say "Max XX kg at 36psi" but make no mention of the maximum pressure. I emailed Heidenau ( and got a response the next morning:

3.0 bar = 44psi
2.7 bar = 39psi

This is their recommendation for 2-up with luggage at 20°C/68°F. The F700 is possibly the same recommended pressures but I would email them to verify this.

By the way I also asked them for a certificate of conformity for the K60s (our insurers in the UK are notoriously difficult with the details and will look for any possible way to mitigate a claim in their favour) and Heidenau sent this to me also, specifically for the F800GS. Being a German company they would no doubt have certificates for the F650/700 also if anyone else wants/needs this.
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