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Originally Posted by gunnerbuck View Post
Hi Paul,

Congrats on the new bike, looks like you lucked out in finding such a low miles version... With only 500 miles, the engine isn't even fully broke in yet...

It's a shame the SXC did not come with extra oil in the frame tube like the Adventure and E models... Adding extra oil capacity would be a good idea for what you intend to use the bike for, you could copy the plumbing that the Adventure has and rig a tank or oil cooler into the system... You can tie into the line that comes off the remote oil filter and throw you extra capacity between there and where the line pushes oil into the left side case and into the con rod...

At your current mileage you should be good for another 25,000 before you have to think about any kind of in depth service... Personally I rebuild the water pump and change the intake rocker roller at around 40,000 KM and have found that both of these items still have service life left at that point... On your RTW it would be a good idea to carry these parts in your spares kit as they don't take up much room and you will have them in case you suffer a premature failure...

Your seat will depend on what kind of tank you pick up... The 18 liter tank needs a seat that has the key way front that fits into the tanks molding... If you luck out and find an Adventure 25-28 liter tank then you will need the specific seat for that application... I like the stock comfort seat that came with my 03 Adventure and really had no desire to go aftermarket, but I wondered about it for the first while as it took a long time for the foam to break in...

There really isn't a chronic problem with the frame backbone vent exiting into the airbox... A grossly overfilled engine may cause oil to vent into the box or top end damage can also can cause this condition, other than that I can think of no other case where this happens... If you do notice oil in the box just pull the plug and roll the wheel, the lube in the box will now lube your chain...

He may actually have a frame with oil... In the US they only imported 03-04 SXC's which I have and they lack the quart in the frame reservoir some European and Australian bikes do. He mentioned the word Carnet so Im assuming he is not from North America

I have used both the 18 ltr and 28 ltr (actually I use the 2001 adv tank which has a 30 ltr) and for what you plan I would go with (if you can find it) the 28 liter hardpart acerbis tank. Skip the faring but if you have to then you will have to get the carrier parts and weld a bracket on the head tube then use a oem 28 tank and adventure faring.

as far as wheels
Just buy the 02 LC4 OEM cush wheel complete (and carrier)with the wider DID Dirtstar 2.50 rim . Keep your front .. respring both front and rear.
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