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Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
Or maybe take a look at DID Dirt Star rims. Very highly regarded over Excel and others.

Good group of KTM experts here. Have fun with the build!

Does your BST Mikuni have an extended Fuel/Air screw? Very handy, easy adjust at altitude for better starting, idle and low speed running. Helps with MPG too.
(The DR650 has the same carb ... so I've messed around with them a bit)
You can try different needle tapers too. Put some sort of decent (but NOT restrictive) fuel filter as BST pilots clog easily. (carry a spare pilot jet)
If tuned properly you should get decent performance ... and good MPG. (open air box top helps on the DR)
thanks i'll look into the rims and as the post after yours says the stock cush drive rear wheel is a good option with the 2.50 rim

once i pull the carb off i can note what i have and get spares from there onwards
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