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yep i'm here in the US not far from you actually, i'm in Vegas, so the bike is a US model and no oil in frame i do know a guy locally who has a 640A so i will look at his and see the oil line routing and create an auxiliary tank to up the capacity

the 28 liter was the option i was going to go with, but may have to relocate and reweld the mounts or use spaces as it is made for the FCR carb not the BST...once i get it i will know for sure, i'll also be adding a 1 gallon (3.78liter) rotopax to the rear opposite the exhaust can and use the mounting structure to additionally add strength and structure to the sub frame

do you know if the cush drive hub is still available from any vendors? as for changing rims and relacing i can do that myself

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He may actually have a frame with oil... In the US they only imported 03-04 SXC's which I have and they lack the quart in the frame reservoir some European and Australian bikes do. He mentioned the word Carnet so Im assuming he is not from North America

I have used both the 18 ltr and 28 ltr (actually I use the 2001 adv tank which has a 30 ltr) and for what you plan I would go with (if you can find it) the 28 liter hardpart acerbis tank. Skip the faring but if you have to then you will have to get the carrier parts and weld a bracket on the head tube then use a oem 28 tank and adventure faring.

as far as wheels
Just buy the 02 LC4 OEM cush wheel complete (and carrier)with the wider DID Dirtstar 2.50 rim . Keep your front .. respring both front and rear.
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