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Yet another 950 high fender brake line question...

I know there are 500 high fender threads already, but I can't find an answer for this anywhere.

When putting a high fender on a 950 Adventure you have two main options. 1) Converting the brake line setup to the 990 "S" style, with a tee at the triple clamp and a single line to the cylinder; in this setup the suspension travel is taken up by the S loops next to the forks, nothing moves by the bars. 2) Adding a second line off the master cylinder and running it straight down the front of the right fork. Suspension travel causes the brake lines to push up in front of the gauges a bit.

Now maybe I crash more than most, but I don't like the idea of all that brake line exposed in the S system, and the movement upward with the straight line isn't that bad.

But the problem when you have two straight lines the same length is the right one is about 6 inches too long and you have to make that loop which is really distracting. The question is does anyone know a KTM part number for a brake line that is 4-6 inches shorter than the stock one? Seems to me that would be the best solution, so no loop, just run it straight down.

Second question is does anyone know the specs for the banjo on the line? There is no real reason to use a KTM part, if you know the exact size you could just order an aftermarket one of the correct length.

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