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Originally Posted by arrcrussell View Post
Looks to me like you got the DC+ feeding the blinkers twice - once directly and the other thru the multi-switch.
I don't think you're going to have much luck with that system but I guess it's worth a shot. By hanging 2 systems off the stator you are doing some wierd stuff with the stator's output. For one thing you've effectively reduced the charging systems resistance by a large amount (probably 1/2) which could easily double the current. Is there a compelling reason to set it up that way? The current issue I described could decide to cause problems when you least expect it if it doesn't blow out a reg right off the bat. Anotherwords it might seem to be fine and eventually burn out a componet while you're out riding it. The manufacturers have come up with many different configurations but I've yet to see one configured that way. That design effectively takes what was a very simple sytem and makes it much more complex plus adds another failure point and increases the heat and load on all the componets. An AC/DC system does the exact same thing but with 2 seperate systems. Is this because you have a rewound stator with one output?

You could easily wire that HL into the DC system and avoid the potential for other problems also setup that way it's not adding any reliability to the system.
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