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Originally Posted by Tropic-Of-Canada View Post
I pulled out the spring before removing the body, so it was definitely all the way in. re-installed, and zzzip, all the way in!

BTW, the nub was almost mirror polished when I pulled it out, I wanted to see how hard the material was, so I lightly scratched it with a file, then scotch-brited it out, hence the dullish look. I did that to see if it was practical to make a new, longer tip or not...The groove looked about the same.

I have a hunch there are people out there who have their MCCT's adjusted further out than the ACCT will allow, yes no?
Cool just checkin'!

Not sure on how far mine is Eddie set it and I haven't touched it. Plus with the spacer the chain will be tight to begin with.

Hard starting is a standard symptom of out of spec valves. Get them in spec then check them often. I check mine every 1-2k miles. I record the number then just watch them. If they move after the first adjustment it's usually downhill. If not no worries. With it that far out you might want to check it every 500 miles for awhile. Or tear it down its personal choice/comfort.
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