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I am a bit concerned about the larger bikes on the ride, so I will be sending out a PM to those folks, to see if they are aware of the challenges of taking a bigger bike down Lippincott. Anything much bigger than a 650 might be challenging on Lippincott, and slow in other sections of the ride. This is a fairly long ride, so keeping up a good pace will be essential if we want to get back to camp in time for dinner.

We have the same issue on the Saturday Cerro Gordo ride. At least one of the big bikes I'm aware of are pretty green and that is not the ride to learn technical offroad on with a big bike.

We are going to have to make about three groups out of ours. Some need to re-think or do an abreviated route. I have some ideas for an alternate for bigger bikes on our ride. Going out to the trams may not be do-able for some. They can still see Cerro Gordo and ride down to Saline.

Oh're one of the ride leaders. You get to herd some cats.

We went up Lippincott last year and it wasn't too bad. But that was Johngil and I on the Husky 630's. I wouldn't have wanted to be there on my Tiger. Going down is probly a little easier, but still a lot of loose rock and some steps. It can get washed out from rain too. All depends on how many 4x4's tramp it down. This is also not a place for noobs to learn big bike handling on tough terrain. It's a LONG way from camp. Ask Macadamia.
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