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Originally Posted by Colebatch View Post
Hi Mr Wang, I know you are a good Chinese dentist and have a nice apartment in Shanghai and a new Audi, but dont you really want to use your spare cash to buy an off road motorcycle and wrestle it up rocky muddy tracks in the middle of Siberia, with no good food, camping in accommodation you have to haul with you in mosquito infested swamps, crossing bridges where one mistake could cost you your life, and bathing in and drinking freezing river water. He will obviously say "no ... what you suggest is ridiculous. I would rather buy a nice watch for myself, a Chanel handbag for my wife and a family holiday to Paris."
SPOT ON, couldn't have said it better myself.....

Originally Posted by Colebatch View Post
...its very possible that a huge country like China with its own cultural momentum and no real dirt biking or adventure travel background is going to embrace adventure motorcycling. If culturally they dont get it, or culturally its not cool to them, then its just not going to happen....
The Chinese motorcyclist are more into big HD's and BMW's to show off at Starbucks / Costa Coffee outlets. Import motorbikes and licensing is very-very expensive (around 3x times the price compared to bike prices in the west add to that around 20000US$ for just a license plate in downtown Shanghai).
HD's are by far the most favourite bikes for the chinese, big - loud - heavy and great for showing off (face matter among friends, co-workers, family, etc..)
Must say HOG (Harley Owners Group) China has quite a big following and is very active.

Started a China thread in the Asia section of ADVrider but nothing compares to this thread (RR) in my books.
The English forum gives some info about general motorbiking and bikes in ML China.

Now back to the regular program with this fantastic ride report, brilliant reading... RIDE ON....
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