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Originally Posted by r3r3r View Post
The Friday Hunter-Mtn Lippincott ride has filled up, and I made space for a couple more. If we get much more interest, we could potentially split into two groups if we have another willing ride leader. I'll be asking for folks to rotate sweep duty throughout the ride so everyone gets a chance to ride their own pace.

I am a bit concerned about the larger bikes on the ride, so I will be sending out a PM to those folks, to see if they are aware of the challenges of taking a bigger bike down Lippincott. Anything much bigger than a 650 might be challenging on Lippincott, and slow in other sections of the ride. This is a fairly long ride, so keeping up a good pace will be essential if we want to get back to camp in time for dinner.
I've contacted a few riders that are signed up on my rides to make sure they understand what they are getting into.

Originally Posted by RED05 View Post
I will be down there the Saturday before on the 23rd I will take my time riding it, If its to hard for me or I don't have a good pace - I will bow out. I am hoping to ride it once before the rally though. Anyone else out there early?
The problem with Lippencott is that once you start it, you pretty much have to finish it, as there really isn't a place to turn around. Lots of rocks and a steep grades.
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