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Originally Posted by rtwpaul View Post
this is the tank, the 27/28 liter

i'm not to bothered if i have to relocate any mounts on the frame, i had a motorcycle shop and built motorcycles for 17 years so none of that stuff intimidates me, if anything its fun and i am a welder as well...

i think the issue according to just gas tanks is the height of the carb, and if i can utilize any mounts on the frame that are not used they will be when i'm finished if they are useful, otherwise they will be gone

That Safari tank looks to be the only big fuel option left on the market for the LC4... I guess the KTM 28 liter Rally tank isn't listed or available anymore ... I do know of an Adventure tank that was up for grabs but it may be sold now, I can inquire ... I also have a spare 640 A tank but they are not easy to find so it is a keeper...

You could always heat mold a depression in the Safari tank to fit the BST's Vacuum cap, it probably wouldn't take much...
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