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I'm really glad that I'm able to hand this project off to Chris. It's so nice to know that there's some progress being made on my bike while I'm working on it's new home.

I flew back to NYC last week to pack up my shop and drive it to Portland. Moving is the reckoning, the absolute accounting of all that you've acquired over time. All the things you've stuffed into corners or not seen or used are boxed and moved and in some cases just noticed for the first time. It is also a time to look at your various projects and consider them.

I had a lot to consider.

It took me three days a few weeks back to pack everything onto pallets, two more days to palletize the machines and then one big day with friends to load it onto the truck.

There's four motorcycles in there along with a mill and lathe. And a bunch of other stuff. My baseless and endless optimism sort of guessed the cost of the move to be around $2-3000 and after one tank a diesel it became quickly apparent that I was living in a fantasy land.

Price to rent a 26' box truck: $2300
Price of fuel for 3000 miles: $2644
Having your shop in your own garage? Priceless? Um, no, turns out it has a price that's just north of five grand.

Yeah, that hurt.

The good news was that I sold one of my CRF100's (I had a spare) and my benches and a belt sander which maybe covered half the fuel. I've never seen dollars roll so fast as filling a 50 gallon tank in a truck stop.


The good news was that my KTM had a new home on the other side of the shop in Chris space.

and the parts arrived from Christini.

It's pretty cool stuff and in looking it over with Chris we have some ideas on the packaging of it that will, we hope, allow us to keep the entire thing within the frame rails and to use the stock tanks. Our goal is to keep the whole system as stealth and stock looking as we can. As I still have to travel back and forth I'll take photos when I visit my bike but Chris will also now do some updates when he can so hopefully we'll keep the process moving forward so it's all done by spring. Tommy and Gino and I are tossing around the idea of doing a ride to Alaska this summer which is the only state I've not ridden in so it would be great to do that with the new bike.

Now I'm going to get back to work on my house and garage so this bike has a home to come to when she's done.

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