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USA Full Retail at todays exchange is around $1850 Shipped for the New ADV wheels discussed here.
The 2.15x21/4.25x18 is $1690 Shipped

Comparing pricing to our tubeless wheels to conventional tube type laced wheels is mute.

It is hard to stock all color variable and sizes so we order in as order come in. This method has worked for us for 6 years. It is worth the wait for sure

Nevertheless we have been selling a fair amount of these wheels directly to users as well.
Kits are popular but to get them laced can be difficult as the Alpina method is a little more critical and proper material and tools are needed.

Buchannans is familiar with alpina's and can lace our kits to existing hubs.
The cost is a little more then conventional wheels as it is a little more time consuming. Call Robert at Buchannans for Alpina Lacing quotes.
KTMtwins may have a Wheel lacer too

We do have other dealers that we work with
Ron at in the San Francisco
Jeff at in Utah
David at in NC
and last but not least
Mitch Hansen at in WI


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I've been setup as a dealer for Alpina here in Cali, and the price is fine. But shipping seems to be excessive... not sure why. But it's killing the sellability of the product. Unfortunately JC doesn't seem to stock much product, so shipping becomes a necessary evil.

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