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Originally Posted by Orangecicle View Post
See the number of this guys number plate? See the brake lines?

I went the "S" route as well:

Good enough for Cyril Depres, good enough for me.
Very true, and if I go this route all your past posts will be very helpful. I saw that picture when you originally posted it and it almost convinced me, I was just thinking I ride a lot in an environment with lots of trees and brush, and maybe the S system was more for Dakar.

Originally Posted by Beema Killa View Post
I think Cyril crashes less than most of us. He also has the cavalry trailing him with parts and the people who can install or repair 'em. I run mine on the inside to guard against tearing a line in the bush or crashing. Never had an issue with rubbing the tire. Especially if you have great attention to detail and use common sense. My 2 cents.
Hey Beema Killa...hope you got out riding today, I might try for this Sunday. Seeing as we ride the same trails, that's good to know. Plus it seems that you and Lycan1 went the inside of the forks way, maybe that is the best compromise between Dakar and Alberta.

Originally Posted by AdvRonski View Post
You HAVE to have the loop, or you would put a kink in a shorter line when you hit the first bump.
I haven't had any problems with the 2-line system, and I don't even notice the loop when I'm riding.
This is a great heads up, thanks...I wondered about how much play you really have to leave in the line.

Originally Posted by Hobbes950 View Post
I ran a shorter second line. Works ok but I didn't plan out the routing so well. It blocks the ignition switch a bit which makes taking the key out a bit of a pain. Go the "s" route.
Thanks for the info - I hadn't found anyone who actually tried sounds like you have to leave enough play in the line for fork travel, which would put it in a bad position if you don't have the loop.

So it sounds like it is the "S" route for me...just wanted to make sure 'cause the dual line isn't cheap. But with the mud we get up here when it starts to melt, I'm sure I'd just rip the low fender off so it needs to be done. I'll post some shots when I get it finished.
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